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Get sms from Android to email in real time!

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How to start? Please waych this video

How to start?

How to start

Start a free 3-day trial
Only $5/m if you like it!

What our users say?

  • Lana Little
    Exellent support App is good and dev suppurt is great. They solved my issue within few hours. Very impressive if you ask me.
  • Brenda Tisdale
    A must have app if you want to keep an eye on your family ... A must have app if you want to keep an eye on your family members.
  • Zenaida Sargent
    Quit good App does its own job beautifully. I can check all incoming and outgoing text without any issue. Recommended.
  • Wanda Carroll
    Works good ... App works good. I can see all msg without any issue.
  • Charlotte Vinson
    Quit good Like it. Now I can track my bf phone with few clicks.
  • Briar Palmer
    Wow its cool I can practically see all msg. Its cool. App works as advertised. No crashes or other issue.
  • Ava Diaz
    Excellent Excellent app. Now tracking all text is piece of cake for me.
  • Megan Schultz
    Working like a charm App is working. Now i can keep an eye on all communication.
  • Morgan Knight
    Better than other spy app. I can track all text in real time.
Start a free 3-day trial
Only $5/m if you like it!


  • SMS Tracker

    Get all the text messages to your email in real time.
  • GPS Tracking

    Find out where your close ones actually are.
  • Call monitoring

    Get all the call logs with accurate time stamps and duration.
  • Photo tracking

    View all the photos taken by your target.
  • WhatsApp spying

    Stay tuned with what they’re chatting about in WhatsApp.
  • Skype spying

    Track their skype history and files they exchange.
  • Facebook tracking

    Start viewing their Facebook conversations.
  • Viber spying

    Discover what they're talking about in Viber.
Start a free 3-day trial
Only $5/m if you like it!

Complete stealth mode

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    Android Home Screen
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    Android Progress Bar
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    Google Play Apps
Start a free 3-day trial
Only $5/m if you like it!


  • How can I get SMS without any app?
    Unless you are from NSA, you can’t get sms to email without installing an application .
  • What Phones are supported?
    Our application is only for Android phones. It is compatible with all Android versions.
  • How much does the service cost?
    If you purchase annual subscription, the service cost is just $5/m.
  • How can I get SMS from iPhone?
    iOS doesn’t allow installation of such applications. Therefore, iPhone is not supported.
  • Is this available on Google Play?
    Google Play has banned applications which hide app icons, therefore no applications with such option are available on Google Play.
  • What do I need to start?
    You need to install the app on your target Android phone (this must be your own phone or a phone you are authorised to use).
Start a free 3-day trial
Only $5/m if you like it!

How to use SMS SPY

As a good parent you always want to see your children safe and sound. Have you ever wonder how to do that efortlessly? The SMS Spy is a usefull tool for tracking cell phone. Now it is easy to monitor text messages & GPS & more locations of your child. From now on, you won’t have to use your child’s phone any more! View your kid’s text messages! We propose you to check out the new app that can easily be handy as spying text watcher!

Do you feel your beloved are cheating on you? Want to know the truth about your employees? SMS Spy is a vital application for you. After installation on the android phone you want to trace, the spyware sends all the data to your e-mail. SMS Tracker Agent is working as unique cell phone monitoring software that can easily forward all traced messges and activities of yours child’s android device to your personal e-mail. You can view all cell phone activities and manage the cell phone spying application via your web-control panel. But how to use SMS Spy? It’s easy:

  1. Install the app on your target phone
  2. Launch the app, enter your e-mail address and password
  3. Check your e-mail for invitation to SMS Spy Control Panel
  4. Use your e-mail and password to sign-in to the web control panel
  5. Here you go! Manage all your settings via your web account and view all target phone activities through your e-mail.

SMS Spy for Android devices allows you to monitor text messages,MMS messages, phone calls (call logs), photo tracking, GPS location, Skype, Facebook, Viber, IM+,Whatsapp, Vkontakte, ICQ, Facebook messages and more!

Start a free 3-day trial
Only $5/m if you like it!

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The application can be used only on the phone that you own or have proper authorization to install!

It’s illegal to monitor someone else’s phone, and may be against the law!

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